Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★

Glad I finally saw it but this was never anything more to me than a few really good scenes and ideas surrounded by beats and themes I’ve seen before that felt so obvious and telegraphed I couldn’t really connect with them. Gallo writing Ricci to fall in love with him because Billys just that sweet and mistreated is honestly kind of embarrassing. And I say that while also thinking this could have been 100 times more embarrassing in lesser hands than Gallo. Very much a movie I would have been really into if I saw it a few years earlier. Basically everything steals from this though so, again, very happy to have seen this and the directing is super engaging. Could never really connect or feel like the script itself was thin and missing a lot of opportunities to dig deeper. Absolutely could not buy into the basic premise of this. Very much understand why so many people love this though. This is the perfect movie for a good 60 percent of the people I follow. 

The use of 70s equipment and formal techniques to show how Billy is still in that decade emotionally and never really grew up is fantastic. The way this film does flashbacks is fucking perfection. 

Really liked hearing Heart Of The Sunrise in the club scene and that scene in general.

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