The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

Hooptober 2 #2
Well if the original Texas Chainsaw was a bottle of well aged whiskey served to you by a woman with the saddest smile you’ve ever seen, Texas Chainsaw 2 is a french fry house made by your goofy radio show producer. 

Pure id horror filmmaking in goof mode unchained by the limited budget that made the original chainsaw look like the subdued gritty masterpiece we all know and love it for. 2 needs to be honored on its own merits, which through time it seems like it has. How often do you get a horror film that goes so over the top with its set design and weird half joking mythos that it (accidentally??) becomes a dark fantasy film that may as well take place in the same world as Legend. There’s no doubting that 1’s the better and more influential film but how can you not appreciate the audacity of this weird flick even existing? And by Hooper himself no less!!! Recontextualizes the original Chainsaw in some really fun ways. 

Also very few of you have or will ever see my art but I’ve spent most of my life drawing character like Choptop so it is weird as fuck to see this 30 year old character that feels like he was plucked from my subconscious.

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