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Happy New Year!!! ❤️

Okay fellas and non fellas, as mentioned in last nights review, here’s the first ever (and probably last) Addict Awards! I’ll be giving out various awards, rankings and recommendations based around the past year and yeah, that’s really about it. Think of it as a poor man’s Best Of The Year roundup show. Without further ado...

Best TV Show (including miniseries) 
Normal People 🏆 

As great as Devs was and as much as I enjoyed the third, kinda flawed season of HBO’s Westworld, this one just takes it. I’m a real sucker for romance and grounded stories about ‘normal’ people, so as much as I found myself disappointed with certain elements of it, the work it put in with men’s mental health rep really swayed me. Having Nikes on the soundtrack may have something to do with this too...

The ‘How the fuck?’ Award For Most Jaw Dropping Technical Feat

The Vast Of Night 🏆

A low budget Amazon Original from a first time director, this movie had one of the most insane film moments of the year, a really long tracking shot through a town that just goes on and on. You expect a cut or a fade or a transition of some sort and there just isn’t one. Honestly, this’d be here if anyone else had done it. But for a small ass sci-fi movie with a limited budget to achieve it? Incredible and absolutely inspiring. Watch it if you haven’t already! 

Most Underseen Quality Film 
Nobody Knows I’m Here 🏆 

In some respects, I can totally understand people not seeing this. It’s buried away on Netflix somewhere and wrongfully so, it’s such a beautiful yet troubled movie with a tender performance by Jorge Garcia and one of the most original plots of the year. If it wasn’t clear already, this is a recommendation. Runner up goes to Underwater with Kristen Stewart. As someone who loves sci fi and disaster movies, you bet I loved it. It’s simple, short and overall, it’s just entertaining. I’m just pissed there’s no blu ray release in the UK. 

Album Recommendations 🏆

The Slow Rush 
Tame Impala 
(psych-pop/indie rock)

(psych/funk rock)

Phoebe Bridgers
(indie folk/rock)

IDK & Friends 2
(alternative rap)

It Is What It Is


Theophilius London
(caribbean new wave/rap)

Fleet Foxes
(indie folk)

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately 
Perfume Genius
(indie rock)

The Long Goodbye

Riz Ahmed

Man On The Moon 3

Kid Cudi

The Shave Experiment (EP)
(alternative r&b)

Worst Picture  
365 Days 🗑

Imagine being worse than The Kissing Booth 2... At least that movie is so bafflingly bad that it’s funny at times, 365 Days is just insultingly long and painfully shit. In a year full of too much spare time, I can’t believe I spent two hours watching this thing. I genuinely can’t think of a valid reason other than the slightest bit of clout I got from reviewing it, just awful. I am giving it no more of my time.

Worst Fanbase Of The Year

Star Wars 💩 

Yeah, these bastards will win this award every year. As a Star Wars fan myself, it’s genuinely embarrassing how toxic, manipulative, hypocritical and self centred this fandom proved itself to be this year. It turns out that if you give Star Wars fans extra spare time, they use it to slander Star Wars and pick on fellow fans, so productive. Well done guys!

Documentary Of The Year
My Brother Jordan 🏆

I can’t say I’ve seen many documentaries this year, I’ve been more interested in narrative stuff. But the ones I did choose to see tended to be rather sentimental. To some, that’d be an issue, but to me they’re a reminder of how fragile and beautiful life can be. Both this and my runner up, A Secret Love, showcased the incredible lives of some amazing people but My Brother Jordan came out on top. It’s independently made, rough around the edges and occasionally stretches into being too sentimental but that’s the whole point. It’s a love letter, an obituary for one brother from another, an acknowledgment of one life out of billions, a story worth telling. It might be simple but sometimes the best stories are, it’s the documentary 2020 needed.

The Golden Potato Award For Fantastic Achievements In Film 

Steve McQueen ✨🥔✨

My grandest, most prestigious award goes to Steve McQueen for his incredible Small Axe anthology project. Directing one film in a year is great, but five? Wowzers. Add that to the fact that one of them, Lovers Rock, is in my top three films of the year. In this generation’s defining year for racial politics and societal change, he’s truly left an impact, hopefully on more than just younger viewers. I still can’t believe how incredible Lovers Rock was, just pure visual poetry.

Best Picture
Never Rarely Sometimes Always 🏆

2020 was both boringly long and depressingly short. Film was our crutch, our emotional support, our medicine. We were deprived of cinemas for about eight or nine months and even then, our options were limited. But when I think of this year, I think of feeling what the films I did see made me feel and the experiences I had with them. The all encompassing warm atmosphere I felt watching Lovers Rock. The day I saw Tenet with my friends and we brought in a shitload of food that we ate while collectively working out what was happening for two hours. The night I watched Waves (which doesn’t count as a 2020 film) that now feels like an epiphany because it spurred me on to continue writing my project that I’ve since completed. But aside from pure experience, there exists one film that I appreciated above the others. Eliza Hittman’s abortion drama was the most raw, honest, memorable film I saw all year. I’ve only seen it once but I’m confident it belongs at the top. There’s shades of the Safdie brothers’ Heaven Knows What in how it confidently portrays New York as a cold, uncaring nightmare with no love for no one. It’s a desperate film with helpless characters who are forced to make certain choices that they shouldn’t have to make alone. Never Rarely Sometimes Always is unflinching but there’s a heart beneath it’s brutality, one that offers hope in a sea of none at all. That’s why it’s the film of 2020.

Not to sound at risk of being someone who takes this way too seriously but I appreciate everyone I’ve conversed with this year, every single person. I value people on an individual basis, I value being able to just connect with people, this year especially. Whether we’ve been talking about Star Wars or James Bond or some other shit or I’ve gotten to know you on Instagram, you’re appreciated as people and fellow Letterboxd-ers. Thanks guys ❤️

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