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  • The Splat Pack

    The Splat Pack


    Love them or hate them, this group of film-makers helped usher back into theaters a brand of non-watered down Hard R film making. PG and PG-13 at the time dominated the box office and we were left with "studio" brand horror. DTV was not yet a thing and independent cinema was scarce, or difficult to come by... The documentary itself is really too short to get into the complexity of the time (which would make for a fascinating watch). Really serves as an intro to the splat pack that helped bring a voice back for all the gore-fiends out there, such as myself.

  • Pickaxe



    Spoiler Free Review:
    Pickaxe, upon further review:
    I can honestly say my initial viewing was not the optimal setting to really enjoy this fun slice and dice piece of 3B's horror. For that reason, I have bumped my rating up a whole star. This is a no frills blood, boobs, beasts, and beer [depending on which three you use] slasher film. The opening scene is a great indicator of the gore and nudity that will be on display. In that…

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  • Beyond the Door

    Beyond the Door


    As a viewer you don't go into a film like this expecting a plethora of gore, bile, and nudity. However as a fan you hope for some really strong moments of each. As an Exorcist ripoff this film has the prerequisite amount of wtf moments of vomit, twisting head, and creepy voices, but it can feel like a chore to get to those instances. In the meantime you are treated to a man being accosted by a nose playing flutist…

  • Little Deaths

    Little Deaths


    I had such high hopes for this anthology, and to be honest I am a sucker for any and every film that follows an anthology style. Visually I was quite pleased throughout, each segment looked professional and acting uniformly was strong across the board... however, the cover really set my hopes high for a blood drenched thrill ride, sadly it was a fairly dry affair. While each segment had some blood, it really wasn't the focus and that left me…