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Not to flog a dead horse, but bring back Eadweard Muybridge's deleted titles!

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  • The Color Purple


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  • Muybridge's Strings

    Muybridge's Strings

    The String Theory of Motion Pictures

    This animated short film, “Muybridge’s Strings,” from Kōji Yamamura, whose “Mt. Head” (2022) was nominated for an Oscar, definitely benefits from the viewer already having some knowledge of the life of and contributions to the invention of motion pictures by Eadweard Muybridge and by the viewer having some tolerance for artsy abstract cartoons. Given my interest in so-called “pre-cinema” history and that I’ve read various books and essays on Muybridge and countless other texts…

  • Nope



    Peeling Beneath the Zoopraxiscope

    An ode to the chronophotography and motion picture exhibition explicitly and otherwise of the likes of Eadweard Muybridge was enough to win me over. I haven’t seen such a fictionalized spectacle of a mainstream love letter to early (or “pre-”) cinema since “Hugo” (2011). I’m practically obliged to rate it highly.

    So what if it muddles up, or “mythologizes,” film history. I mean, even if that is a black rider on the horse in that real…

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  • The Color Purple

    The Color Purple


    I Know Purple Is Associated with Extravagance, But Maybe Read the Book

    How is this less gay than a Reagan-era non-musical film directed by the notoriously prudish Steven Spielberg? I began to be even more perplexed while reading an LA Times article quoting the movie director and the Broadway producer.

    “Celie is a queer icon, and Alice Walker has been very vocal about that. Our job was to just lean into it harder, and give a little bit more context…

  • The Color Purple

    The Color Purple


    “It Ain’t a Picture Show”

    Not that I relish being one of those people who say, “the book is better,” and I don’t consider fidelity in adaptation necessarily important or even desirable, but—the book is better. I also prefer not to pretend anti-racism by employing identity politics until veering back into racism by suggesting a “straight white male yankee” shouldn’t helm a production about Southern black lesbians, as if by birthright he lacks the curiosity and empathy for it, and…

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  • Exposing Muybridge

    Exposing Muybridge


    Erasing Muybridge

    I’m going to review this documentary, “Exposing Muybridge,” but, first and on a related note that I’ll tie into the review, I’m going to piss and moan a bit more about the deletion of all Eadweard Muybridge titles and with the fear of more early motion pictures being deleted on TMDB, the movie database website that Letterboxd unfortunately relies upon. I’ve had one conversation with a rude moderator at the website, but otherwise TMDB has been unresponsive on…

  • Cleopatra


    Another Fragment from a Theda Bara Film Found

    See newly-rediscovered lost footage here:

    Also, here’s a link to the previous few seconds of extant footage (donated to the George Eastman House by film historian Anthony Slide), along with some publicity stills and with a snippet from an audio interview with Bara playing over it:

    What a welcome biennial event if it could be maintained, of a fragment from a lost Theda Bara film being found and released in…