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  • Wolfguy - Enraged Lycanthrope

    Wolfguy - Enraged Lycanthrope


    Where in the hell has this movie been all my life? So happy that I finally found you Wolf Guy!

  • Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder

    Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder


    Interesting low-budget Turkish remake of one of my favorite giallo films, The Strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh (1972). It lacks the sexy subtly, smart script and polished look of the original but despite its shortcomings, there's a lot to enjoy here including some inspired lighting and creative camera work such as Bava-like zooms and inventive perspective shots. The cast is gorgeous, particularly the female lead Meral Zeren who is filling the role played by Edwige Fenech in the original and the sexy Kadir Inanir as the Turkish George Hilton. Highlights include a groovy party scene and a crazy action-packed finale with a gang of gun-wielding henchmen.

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  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    I would have liked this so much more if it had no soundtrack, was called Maintenance by the Sea and we spent the entirety of the film watching Casey Affleck's character unplug toilets, fix sinks, shovel snow and get in occasional bar fights.

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    The Invitation is one of the best films I've seen this year with an impressive central performance from Logan Marshall-Green. Grief and malaise run rampant in the Hollywood Hills turning a dinner party among old friends into an incredibly unnerving and flat out creepy affair. The atmosphere of dread and unease that permeate the proceedings is so thick you can cut it with a serving knife thanks to Karyn Kusama's taught direction & Theodore Shapiro's eerie score. A great slow-burn horror…