Showdown: Uncut Gems

List of 25 films (I couldn't narrow my list down to 10) that I feel are some of the most under-loved or overlooked of the 2010s (excluding 2019 releases because they just felt too new to be overlooked). All films were watched by no more than 15,000 Letterboxd members as of 12/20/2019

While compiling this list two things stood out. First, why aren't more people watching Johnnie To's amazing output? And secondly, why aren't people watching films directed by women? 8 of the 25 films on my list were made by women and I could have added a lot more.

There are 4 romance films in this list.

  • Daguerrotype
  • Eisenstein in Guanajuato
  • Goodbye First Love
  • Wuthering Heights