My Blood & Bones in a Flowing Galaxy

My Blood & Bones in a Flowing Galaxy ★★★★

This is my 1st SABU.
Cross genre movie
Bullying, domestic abuse, noble intention s, eternal love.
As a plot, there are many things recognizable. But there are plenty of quirks and novelty as well.
Why does one want to be a hero ? Calling it Hero or saviour complex is a bit narrow and oversimplistic, I would say.
People do things for various reasons.
Heroes don't want to be hero to be a "hero".
Kuyosami Hamada got involved with bullying of Hari for 1 reason. But why did he get involved in saving drowning people on the evening of a very important day of his life ? Why couldn't he just ignore the victims just like the many bystanders on the river bank ? 🙂
Some people have a lot of love to give despite everything.
The movie also has many things to offer despite the recognizable parts.

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