Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted ★★½

How did they get a cake in Africa?

How did they build an exact replica of New York out of sand without having it topple over easily?

How did they build an exact replica of New York despite having been stuck in the zoo their entire lives?

How did they manage to get from Africa to Monaco?

Why do people freak out when they see the animals running around in Monaco, but everywhere else they're okay with it?

How do these animals fit through their own individual pipes that are clearly too big for them?

Why are monkeys dressed as the King Louis a good disguise for the French?

How did the Penguins get their own hotel and not attract attention?

Why is Frances McDormand in this movie playing a French Animal Control Officer?

Why does this film have no sense of continuity of physics even in its own world?

Why does a kid's film have no regard for public safety, as they clearly keep running into and over people?

Why is Bryan Fucking Cranston a Russian Tiger? Actually, nevermind. That's pretty cool.

Why is Jessica Chastain a cheetah?

Why is Jessica Chastain as a cheetah giving me a strange erection that I don't want?

How are the animals even operating a circus?

Where did they buy these new supplies from?

How can a Tiger fit through both a ring and a keyhole?

How did they have the budget for this elaborate circus costume?

Why is this film random and nonsensical?

Why am I watching a kid's film?

Why am I questioning the logic of a kid's film?