Seeking a Friend for the End of the World ★★★★

"Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" should really be titled "Seeking a Hug for the End of this Film."

Here's an Apocalyptic Existential Rom-Com. There's something I've never really heard of before. I'm surprised by how much I really liked this film. From the trailer, I was under the impression that the film would be your typical "indie" rom com, with a gimmick.

Instead, this "gimmick" is used to the benefit of the story. These two people have no other reason to be with each other, but through a well laid out series of events, the two are on the road looking to do a couple of things before the world finally does end. The film is great in that it doesn't overdo the whole "WORLD IS ENDING" thing, or the typical "indie" quirk conventions (they're there, but not in your face and annoying). Things seem natural in this world, despite some comedic conventions happening. The best moments of the film are when Carell and Knightley are just talking about their lives, and their missed opportunities, and this is where the film actually brings in some character study into the film, as well some existential questions. But this never gets in the way of the human story here, and the film ends in such a bittersweet way, you'll need your own friend.

Both actors are excellent here. I've always liked Carell as an actor. He never overdoes his lines unless he needs to, and here his character is clearly something he was born to play, despite The Office establishing him as an actor who does over the top lines. Knightley is also good, adding a lot of emotional depth to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

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