The Bourne Supremacy ★★★½

For reasons unknown to me, I had not seen The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum before this. It's very funny too. It's a genre I kind of like, I had read the Ludlum books (though they have almost nothing to do with the films), and I actually really liked the first film. But I never made even the slightest attempt to watch the two Bourne sequels except brief moments here and there. So in preparation for my eventual viewing of The Bourne Legacy, I went ahead and decided to right this supposed wrong.

There's a lot to like in The Bourne Supremacy. It's fast paced, it has an interesting story, a likable lead, and for the most part, everything feels very competent. But there's a problem with that competency. While I understand The Bourne films headlined the modern age of action "realism" (that term makes me chuckle), but Supremacy, unlike Identity, just feels very generic. Granted, it's better than the other generic offerings (I wouldn't have given it 3.5 stars if it wasn't), but it doesn't stand out for me.

I guess part of this is the inherent problem with Bourne as a character. Despite the likability of Damon, I don't really care a lot of Bourne. The only reason I want him to succeed and get out of danger is because I want to know more about his shadowy history. I guess that's the smart part on the writer's part, but I can only wonder what they could have done to make Bourne a more likable and relatable lead. If they can do it for James Bond, they sure as hell can do it for Bourne.

But then again, maybe Ultimatum will make this film feel a little more complete.