The Guns of Navarone ★★★★

**Part of the Best Picture Project**

The Guns of Navarone comes from a long line of "Group of Men Getting the Job Done" war films. There's something about these films, particularly those WWII ones that tend to be based on a true story, that makes them so enjoyable even when they tread familiar territory. They all follow the same structure, the same basic set up, and the same character archetypes. But for the most part, they are always highly enjoyable.

It's a formula that Guns of Navarone follows well. It introduces the main conflict for the characters, introduces internal group conflict that raises the stakes, and adds obstacle after obstacle for the group to contend with. The tension builds up until the finale and is then satisfyingly released.

You know what you're getting with a film like The Guns of Navarone, but it's so well done that it doesn't matter. Peck Pecks, Niven Nivens it up, and Anthony Quinn badassess the house up. It's just a great thrill ride. What more could you ask for?