The King and I ★★★½

**Part of the Best Picture Project**

It's most definitely not my upbringing on Classic Hollywood that comes with my belief that most people are acutely aware of The King and I. It's a fairly well known story with a just as well known musical. Even many of the musical numbers in the film are hummed to this day. So either I have unconsciously and carefully picked my friends, or you all already know about this film.

It's astonishing that despite being relegated to just a couple of rooms, The King and I feels like a grand and big musical. It's notably not as big as, say, The Sound of Music, but there certainly doesn't feel like a musical as big as this. Part of this is due to the CinemaScope which allows the actors to be free in their geography, which comes in handy especially during the infamous dancing sequence between Anna and the King.

Other than being a gorgeously constructed musical, it has little else to offer, but it is still very good in this regard, with much thanks being given to the two leads, especially Yul Brynner who commands the screen just as much as he commands his servants.

And now I have "Getting to know you" stuck in my head.