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"They Shoot Pictures Don't They?" 1000 Greatest films 2014 Edition

Yet another year with yet another update.

2012 version can be found here.

2013 version can be found here.

For those not in the know:

The following is a really extensive and great list of They Shoot Pictures Don't They?'s 1000 great films. It's one of the best essentials lists to check out, and since I couldn't find it anywhere on this site, I decided I'd post it here for people to get a look at it.

The list is compiled and voted upon by 3,349 critics, filmmakers, reviewers, scholars, and other film types. If you aren't satisfied by what was potentially left out, there's also the starting list of 12,057 films:

Without further ado, here's the new list!

New films added to the list:

There are no romance films in this list released in the 1880s.