The Babadook ★★★

I am not a big horror movie fan, mostly because they scare the bejesus out of me and haunt for the rest of the week. I can't say why but I was feeling brave and decided to give this movie a chance. While I was glad to see that my threshold for horror has increased, I don't feel this movie is as fantastic as many people say.

The approach to the horror genre is certainly refreshing. There is not that much special effects and the story counts on suspense to build up the fear and it definitely pays off. It relies more on how disturbed these characters are rather than falling on the old tricks of jump scares and demons pissing about.

It is great that it keeps you wondering if the Babadook is real or a figment of the boy's imagination and I also love how halfway through the film they flip the fear from the boy to the mother. This and many other reasons make this indie film a refreshing view of horror.

However, it is still very formulaic narrative of scary movies- annoying scary kid, aggravated mother who refuses to believe, unsupporting relatives or neighbors, clear danger signs or voices at night that prompts the adult to go to the authorities but that won't help. Etc.

I do wish horror would step out of this 'haunted horror only known by a child' story and find new ways but I can't blame this movie for that. It cannot carry the whole weight of the movie genre but it has certainly made a step forward to better things.