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  • Hellraiser



    I can't say for sure if id ever seen this or not. I liked some of the designs from these movies as a kid but I don't know I would have sat through them that young. I read the book about a decade ago.

    Anyway. I just cant escape the feeling that this should be better. The cenobites are of course iconic. There's a rich, unique world to the proceedings here but who's the main character? Couldnt you write the…

  • The Gift

    The Gift


    The less you know going in, the better and even still you might be able to predict the ending if you can put two and two together. Either way it's a heck of a journey.

    Supremely uncomfortable at times with some genuinely scary moments, it's a pretty tight thriller. Really well drawn characters.

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  • WolfCop



    Is it good? No. But is it Wolfcop? Yes.

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Genuinely my first viewing! It plays much different than I had always thought it did. The first half of the film is really pretty fun and breezey, going in directions I didn't expect and with some neat kill sequences. This is despite some *really* bad dialog and acting. But the second half is pretty brutual. Repetitive, boring and more than a little batty-from-out-of-nowhere i was having a hard time believing this only clocked 95 minutes by the end.