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  • Chappie



    Sort of a mess. Outside of Chappie I'm not sure any of these characters and plot lines work but #1 get rid of Hugh Jackman. Yikes. Nothing about the character or his plot really fits here. How seriously are we supposed to take the guy wearing safari shorts and building the big dumb robot from robocop anyway?

    All that focus needed to be on Dev patel's relationship with Chappie. Everytime he popped In and asserted his relationship with Chappie, it…

  • The Awful Truth

    The Awful Truth


    It's no Philadelphia Story but I did enjoy this. There are some real zingers but compared to some later screwball comedies I'm not sure the timing is as perfected to an artform here but being spoiled by later films is no reason to ding this one.

    I do with the romantic entanglements built to something more. The ending just sort of sneaks up on you and feels sort of haphazard.

    Cast is great, jokes are great. Good time.

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  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Genuinely my first viewing! It plays much different than I had always thought it did. The first half of the film is really pretty fun and breezey, going in directions I didn't expect and with some neat kill sequences. This is despite some *really* bad dialog and acting. But the second half is pretty brutual. Repetitive, boring and more than a little batty-from-out-of-nowhere i was having a hard time believing this only clocked 95 minutes by the end.

  • Suspiria



    The bluray from Synapse is gorgeous. My third viewing and the best. Suspiria is incredible. The production design, lighting, score (!) And photography meld together for a departure from reality.