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This review may contain spoilers.

I put this off for a long time because of the origin of it as half TV pilot/ half feature film and watching it, you can definitely tell there's a separation. That's not necessarily a criticism. I think the nature of it's origin really defies it from having a single "true" interpretation of the work.

To me this is a film about Los Angeles, about identity, about dreams. The read I came away with is a film about our identities as they exist in our relationships. The film essentially exists in three parts amnesia (no relationship), symmetry (relationship, merged identity) and the trauma of separation.

I love Lynch's ability to produce fear from the uncanny. Lots of horrror uses the uncanny to create fear but only Lynch seems be able to use it at will. I don't know what is behind the door when those little shruken people come through crack at the bottom but I know I don't want the door to open.

If anyone knows of an interview where Robert Altman discussed David Lynch, please point me to it. I saw an interview from 1972 on the Dick Cavett show today where Altman talked about the capibilities of the medium of film and immediately thought of Lynch.

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