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  • The Transfiguration

    The Transfiguration



    An unflinchingly somber and understated coming of age tale of a teenage boy wrestling with his personal demons. As a character piece, it challenges the audience to sympathize with Milo as we travel further down his increasingly bleak path; as a monster movie, it's about as starkly realistic as can be, pulling vampire mythology through everyday issues of grief, racial tension and class struggle. The camera work adds to the film's realistic, documentary-like feeling with its stillness and lingering…

  • VooDoo


    Hmm... this is not a very good movie, overall, but I think it could have been. The second half operates very much like a depraved haunted house sequence, but it's not clear why we're there in the first place. I wish the first half of the film did a better job of seeding what was to come. Also, I think the film would have been better as mostly conventionally shot, with just some video diaries sprinkled in early on. The second half of the movie really doesn't work the way it's shot.