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  • Bottoms



    Bottoms is the best teen movie since Jennifer's Body. It's hilarious, outrageous and features the best ensemble cast of the year!

    With only two films under their belt, director Emma Seligman & Rachel Sennott are already one of the best actor-director combos working right now.

    Also, the audience for this film was the best experience I've had since the North American festival premiere of Tar. The crowd was so energized and dialed into the film: They even clapped during the Barbie trailer! So try to see Bottoms with the biggest crowd possible!

  • Skinamarink



    Horror movies often make me jump or feel momentarily frightened, but only four films have ever left me with a constant uneasiness and dread: The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Hereditary, and The Night House. I can now confidently add Skinamarink to the top of that list.

    Skinamarink is experimental, light on narrative and relies on distortion and repetition to deliver its frights. It's the kind of film that shouldn't work, but astoundly does. I found myself gripping my cupholder for nearly…

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  • Flora and Son

    Flora and Son


    John Carney is one of my favorite directors, so I'm sad to say that this might be his most minor work in the last 15 years. There are certainly some heartfelt moments and Eve Hewson gives a solid performance, but it lacks the magic that most of his films have. The chemistry between the leads is lacking, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's role is woefully underdeveloped, and the music never connects the way Once, Begin Again, or Sing Street do.

    As Gordon-Levitt's character…

  • Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

    Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.


    It's been quite some time since I've been disappointed by a movie's ending solely because I wanted to keep watching the characters' stories for hours more. One of the best ensembles this year and Rachel McAdams had me tearing up on numerous occasions.

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  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    Sundance Film Festival 2021: Film 18

    I gotta say that the 'I am a revolutionary' scene is one of the best single sequences I've seen in a long time!

    In just one scene, we see (almost simultaneously) Fred's dedication to the cause, Deborah's worry, Bill's inner turmoil and convincing himself he's a Black Panther, and the looming threat of Roy. This scene sums up the struggles for every major character in the film and it does so with a rageful…

  • Moxie



    One thing's for sure: Patrick Schwarzenegger should definitely play Tom Brady in a biopic. He looks a lot like the famous quarterback, and plays a smug asshole exceptionally well!

    I'm definitely not the target audience for this film, but I still really enjoyed Moxie! I had a bit of an issue with the acting and line delivery, particularly during the first half.

    However, about half way through (The scholarship results), I really got on the wavelength of the film. The…