Tenet ★★★½

Wow finally saw this the first time today and after spending two and a half hours with this film I had no idea what was happening, I'm exhausted, what a ride. I'm confused. I have a feeling i will have to watch this more times but even then I probably wont get it. I admired it at a filmmaking cinematic level.

I love christopher nolan's other films but this is the first time that I was disappointed. It's not a terrible film. There are things to enjoy in this film. The way its filmed, the set pieces, the locations and the cast. I even admire that nolan tried to make something original
I even loved the score even though it sometimes made it hard to understand the dialogue.

Still because I was trying hard to keep up and understand what was being said and shown, I couldnt enjoy it. Yes its intelligent but awful hard to understand
Hopefully if I watch it more times, I will hopefully get it.

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