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  • Mommy Is Coming

    Mommy Is Coming

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    would this be objectively better with none of these white uglies casted? absolutely.
    but im kind of obsessed w the fact that dunye's legacy/mainstream reception is The Token Quirky Black Lesbian Filmmaker, meanwhile she out here making T4T hardcore fuck films and im living for it!!! longing for my pilgrimmage to berlin honestly....

    couldve kept the incest in the drafts tho

  • B.A.P.S.


    neominstrelsy disguised as a feel good movie for white and black audiences alike. if its supposed to be satirical, it doesnt do it well. its honestly a blaxploitation film at heart.
    halle berry is such a bad actress, colorism really does get u far.
    watching natalie desselle cook for all of them made me cringe.

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