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  • Butter on the Latch

    Butter on the Latch

    have wanted to watch jospehine deckers debut ever since madelines madeline. the editing is the star of this, but i was also impressed by how naturally the improvise scene work was. it also oddly feels like an inspiration to midsommar? the character conflict in each feels really similar. but i also love the persona take on it as well. overall a super interesting film abt sexual assault and its trauma. im excited to see more of her work.

  • Beast Beast

    Beast Beast

    i dont know what i was expecting but it was not this. the energy of youth in this gives this film a brightness like ive never seen. i usually dont like slick camera movement/editing stuff bc it feels so gratuitous and distracting most times but this just works. i cant believe this is like kind of the essence of a gen z film. this generation literally has had digital imprints of themselves through the internet practically since birth, born into…

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