tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★½

It's good, not excellent, but with an AMAZING leading performance by Andrew Garfield (he's really going for that Oscar isn't he?). Still admirable for the directorial debut of Lin-Manuel Miranda.
The creative process and creation of the music is captured on screen interestingly, I actually think the movie got less captivating when it dropped the missing song storyline.

Eventhough its a period piece and set in a very particular artistic environment, the part I connected to the most is how it encapsulates some of the millenial anxiety. The ticking clock we feel to fulfill whatever dreams we have, the fear of aging while confronting the truths of the expectations you will never meet, and whichever path you embark, turning 30 is your deadline. It drives people crazy and this shows. I admire that part. Also, I really appreciate the mentioning and inclusion of the HIV/AIDS lost generation, even when it's not the main plot, as it's important and a tragedy that should be acknowledged, especially when talking about art.

Full review later.

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