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  • Rheingold


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    Niklaus Schilling's Rheingold begins with a view of the sea in Hoek Van Holland in the Netherlands, the starting point of the Trans Europ Express train Rheingold. This is accompanied by a beautiful and ominous synthesizer soundtrack by Eberhard Schoener which goes on for five and a half minutes (Fun Fact: Around the time when The Police became The Police they played a lot with…

  • Golden Hands

    Golden Hands

    The reason i recently began writing these little essays is that i was fed up with my first thought about a film being whether i liked it or not and maybe why so. Instead i've now set out to see what i can learn from a film, no matter how much i liked it. A few weeks ago i listened to some episodes of the Daughters of Darkness Podcast and especially enjoyed the four-part series on Andrzej Żuławski. They didn't…

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  • Her


    If this was titled Him and you had Theodora wearing Groucho glasses for two hours, do you think you’d still argue that this film tells something about HUMANS or would you have called it a chick flick and never considered watching it because that chick wasn’t even hot?

    (This is a rhetorical question. I wish people would stop proclaiming that films like this say something about HUMANS, because then it’d be easier to take such films a little bit lighter.…

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    “An infant, plunging its hands into a jar of honey, is instantly involved in contemplating the formal properties of solids and liquids and the essential relations between the subjective experiencing self and the experienced world. The viscous is a state half-way between solid and liquid. It is like a cross section in a process of change. It is unstable, but it does not flow. It is soft, yielding and compressible. Its stickiness is a trap, it clings like a leech;…