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  • Fatima's Letter

  • Magic Roses

  • El Planeta

  • Occidente

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  • Uplotneniye


    This is a fairly straightforward agitka, featuring all you need from a blockbuster: romance, fistfights, an explosion, a demonstration of a chemical reaction and cheering communists.
    You can watch it here: youtu.be/5kpA9RNCKS8

  • Sorrows of Sarah

    Sorrows of Sarah

    (the actual translation of the title is of course Sorrow of Sarah and not Sarra's Mountain LOL)

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  • The Black Tower

    The Black Tower

    “At first I thought that I was in complete darkness but after a while I noticed a greyish speck which remained in the same place when I moved my eyes. I realised that I was facing a flat black wall. I got the feeling that the room was in fact brightly lit but I couldn’t be sure.”

    A matt black shape of a house on the top of a tower. Is it actually there or is it cut out of…

  • Madame's Cravings

    Madame's Cravings


    you’ll smell the daisies watching this, because that’s grandma marie, pregnantly wreaking havoc on everyone she passes by, much to her husband’s sorrow who’s pulling another baby in a beautiful white pram, while his anarchic wife enjoys herself shamelessly and expressively with a hell of a lot delight.

    did i mention i loved this?!