Clueless ★★★★

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Amy Heckerling was able to define two very different high school experiences with this and Fast Times in the 80s. It's pretty amazing to capture the cultural zeitgeist of your time 15 years apart, especially when it comes to teen movies. Clueless affected the way people talked, dressed, and acted for at least 10 years.

It's very much a thematic prequel to Legally Blonde. Both involve aloof, blonde, rich main characters who are still extremely likable despite their flaws. Both also use unconventional methods to get ahead, and both actresses were up for each other's parts.

Many people don't know that this is a modern adaptation of Emma but if you are looking out for it, it becomes very apparent. It's a fun way to update the language while keeping the story intact.

Brittany Murphy absolutely slays her role. She is so adorable, and so talented. Her untimely death still bums me out, as I feel like she could have taken on so many more interesting roles.

Many more thoughts on the podcast, hope you guys all enjoy!!

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