Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★½

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There are very few movies that when they are finished, I just want to start them right over again, but Dazed and Confused falls in this category.

As much a vibe as a movie, Dazed and Confused came to define not only the 70s but the 90s, practically creating the concept of the "hangout movie." With so many amazing characters, scenes and moments, this film grows more magical every time I see it. I truly believe Linklater had as much of an influence on character dialogue in the 90s as Tarantino. They both have a similar ability to make characters bicker about any piece of pop culture and make it enthralling and profound.

Adults play very little part in the plot of this movie, only serving as figure-heads for authority. This means you get an almost unobstructed look into kids' lives and behaviors independent of obligations. Westerns were a popular genre for many years for a similar reason; if rule and law are not a factor, morality can be the focus of the story.

One of the revelations that came out in Melissa Maerz' book about the shooting of this film is that Linklater originally intended it to be an "anti-nostalgia film." This is so odd as it is nearly the quintessential nostalgia film, making people long for both the 70s and the 90s. It does a great job capturing a certain innocence from high school, even if it wasn't your experience. It's truly a magical experience.

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