In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★

Far from perfect, but when it shines it really shines.

John M Chu does an amazing job making this movie incredibly cinematic. This doesn’t at all feel like a filmed play as plays often do but rather a full MGM style musical. While Crazy Rich Asians was slightly overhyped, the musical format really gave him the opportunity to showcase more of his style. John M Chu’s brother owns Chef Chu’s in Los Altos, which is my favorite Chinese restaurant so this is the second member of the Chu family that has thoroughly impressed me.

The music isn’t quite as good as Hamilton, and it made me really wish we could get a Hamilton adaptation in this style. I adored seeing the filmed play that was put up on Disney+, but seeing that world brought to life in a full adaptation would be glorious.

The whole cast really shines but Ramos in particular felt like he had a star making performance here. His post-Hamilton successes have so far been a small part in A Star is Born, and a Crown Royale commercial but he feels totally ready for the spotlight. He has an effortless charisma, and nails all the song and dance numbers.

It has a few flaws but I had so much fun, and I’m feeling generous so 4/5 seems right.

. . .

I’m sorry I haven’t been as active, I’m prepping for a move to Boston and haven’t been watching as many films, I hope to log more and catch up with all of you and your reviews very soon. ❤️