Logan ★★★★½

I honestly don't know what took me so long with this one, it's probably because I'm not a massive super hero fan. But this is everything it's cracked up to be. It is a sentimental farewell to a beloved superhero and portrayal of a super hero.

I think what impressed me about this film is how it was small stakes relative to some of Wolverine's other tasks, yet it felt like it was his whole world. He is tired, and the relationship between him and Charles is so tender in this film.

At one point Charles is watching Shane, an old western, on TV with Laura. I think this is important to note because Shane is about how violence doesn't lead to good and the violent heros we look up to do not better society. Logan seems to understand this concept and the hits, stabs, and gunshots land more than any X-men movie. Given that Wolverine heals extremely quickly, you would think that wouldn't be the case in this film, yet Mangold manages to articulate this point extremely well. This and Shane together would make a great double feature.

I hope we're in the subversion stage in the lifecycle of the superhero movie. I think the reason this hasn't been done more is because of how valuable the IP is. Anyone can craft an anti-western but if you wanted to create an anti-superhero film, you'd have to convince a studio to let you subvert expectations for their billion dollar property. I hope this continues to happen.

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Seeing Tenet tonight (!!!) excited to leave a review some time soon.

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