Nobody ★★★★

John Wick meets Death Wish, with a dash of Edgar Wright, Nobody absolutely SLAYS as an indie action movie, revealing another side to the already impressive Bob Odenkirk.

Bob Odenkirk is so much fun in everything. It's odd to say this is his Brian Cranston moment when he had Better Call Saul but this feels more like a true reboot of his career. There aren't that many people that started out as comedy writers that end up getting their own action movie, this guy has really done it all.

One of the best things this movie does is emasculate it's lead for the first 15 minutes of the movie. This is quite typical in certain action films but in other ways. While other action films have a lead that is bad at his job, Nobody starts off showing its lead unable to defend himself against intruders. While beating down a lead in other ways makes us root for him, it doesn't ever imply he might be bad at the fights we expect he will have to be in. This gives you an almost Rocky-style character arc, without the need to train him, absolutely brilliant.

Music choice is also lovely in this. Throughout they use unconventional song queues during the action scenes, while letting some play out with no music. Overall it gave the film a very unique tone.

While Odenkirk is great and I think some of the takeaway from this should be "cast Odenkirk in more action movies", my big takeaway is I wish Hollywood would cast more unconventional action heroes. Hollywood is always hesitant to do this, but when done right, you get a Bruce Willis or a Liam Neeson. The reason I want more actors to take on these projects is I don't want Odenkirk to turn into straight to VOD Willis or Neeson. I hope we can get more unique indie projects that take advantage of new talent that's out there, without only casting The Rock, Statham, or Keanu in these films.

Really fun film!

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