Palm Springs ★★★★

Surprisingly charming!!

I saw this after some awesome reviews, and was not disappointed! It's odd that the Groundhog Day model has translated to so many other movies. I really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow and Russian Doll as well. This film may function the best of the non-Groundhog Day time loop movies, and it's because of Andy Samberg's character. Typically the character is the first to be caught in the loop, is confused, lost, and tries to figure out what is happening to them. By having someone that has already been through all this, our main character can zip through the steps of this process that are the most predictable and we can get to the fun/interesting part.

All the bits of them messing with people were amazing, but the way their relationship grows seemed natural and endearing. I love the idea that she had baggage from sleeping with the groom, and he had baggage from sleeping with her thousands of times.

Honestly, my favorite new comedy in recent memory. I could see this becoming a cult classic. Thank you everyone for recommending this to me!

Also, thank you to all my followers. A few days ago I passed 2,500 followers. It's been amazing having engaged and smart people to talk to about film. I couldn't have hoped for a better Letterboxd experience.

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