Spencer ★★★★½

Not at all what I was expecting.

This is more a character study than biopic. If you go in expecting The Crown, you’ll be disappointed. While it’s hard to know how much of it is accurate, it paints a frightening picture of a woman stuck in a system where she has no autonomy.

Kristen Stewart’s performance is as great as everyone says. She totally transforms in this one. She has mastered the trained formality that the royals have and that Diana herself struggled with throughout her life, and that struggle to break out of that shell.

I am obsessed the score and the uncomfortable closeness of the camerawork. This movie feels as paranoid as its main character. It is irresistibly uncomfortable throughout. The cinematography is stunning yet the beauty feels confining, as it leaves no room for anything remotely natural.

Fantastic film, I wish people would take more risks when making historical dramas.

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