The Game

The Game ★★★½

How many times has Michael Douglas been a super rich businessman whose life falls apart?

Literally the most whack shit Fincher has ever directed. What the hell?

First of all, I don’t understand why Michael Douglas went along with this in the first place. He never tries to outsmart these people by being unpredictable. If these people are watching you try going to a place that would be unexpected.

This movie has flaws, but is honestly very fun. I can’t exactly say I’d watch it again. Fincher is a master as always but doesn’t seem in his element with the contents of the screenplay. That being said he still manages to add his usual flair to the picture. The whole time I’m going between head-scratching and being at the edge of my seat. It’s very well made, and is gripping, especially as it approaches the end.

Oddly enough I visited the mansion and gardens where they shot his home scenes last week (not knowing it would pop up in this movie). Was a pleasant surprise.

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