The Lost Weekend ★★★½

The Lost Weekend is about an alcoholic writer, and his weekend he lost on a bender.

It’s got elements of noir but fundamentally it’s more of a character study. I wasn’t really expecting that performance from Ray Milland as well, who wasn’t at all on my radar. I’d never seen him in a lead role and he portrays hopelessness so well. While we’ve matured on our talks of addiction since the 40s, it is the portrayal of hopelessness that I think makes the movie unique. There’s no evidence that he has writing talent or has a career, and you understand his desire to commit suicide.

Billy Wilder is one of my favorite directors, and while I appreciated this movie it doesn’t crack the top 5 for me. It’s odd to me that this is one of his two best picture winners, especially given its closeness to Double Indemnity and some of his other masterpieces.

Very dark and interesting film. I’d highly recommend.

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