Mad Max: Fury Road ★★★★★

Today was the official 5 year anniversary since MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was released in US Theaters, so what better time to give it a third viewing. 

I’ll admit, I’ve never fully seen the original three Mel Gibson Mad Max movies, I’ve seen pieces of them as a kid but never in their entirety. But in 2015 I went and saw this latest George Miller directed MM flick and my mind was blown. The action was relentless. 

Now even after my third viewing, I’m still enjoying it every bit as much as that initial viewing. I marvel at the spectacle as real and extremely dangerous stunts are performed in the most exciting of ways. 

This isn’t a movie that we speak of as excellent performances from the cast, granted they do their jobs well, but this is all about the visuals. The costumes, the vehicles, the scenery, the score, the action. They are all absolutely top notch. 

It’s criminal that this movie didn’t do better at the Box Office because it’s so much better than much of the stuff that became Box Office hits over the past 5 years. I know there is talk of sequels and prequels to this, and I’m totally down for them, but if they never happen I’m satisfied just having this to rewatch over and over... and of course eventually getting to those original 3 movies.

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