Malignant ★★★★½

Wow, what a wild movie, people weren't kidding. This is what you get when you give creative freedom to someone as talented as James Wan. I'm glad he got this oppurtunity to step away from the Conjuring franchise and try something completely new and different. This one is definitely not for everyone - I can see why some people love it and others have quite the opposite feelings. I personally love a movie like that - something unique, like nothing else I've seen before, that doesn't hold back. That third act really is bonkers, I figured out some parts of the mystery along the way, but definitely wasn't ready for that. Wild stuff. I can see how people can find some parts of this movie laughable but I fully embraced the campiness of it. It's not particularly scary but the vibe and the atmosphere are great - Wan definitely knows how to build those up and doesn't have to rely heavily on jumpscares. I guess we know by now that with Wan the scares don't come when we expect them and do, when we don't. The cinematography and the visuals are great and so is Annabelle Wallis, I really like her development as an actress. Not for everyone but give this movie a shot - I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it again, one of my favourites of the year so far. WILD!

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