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  • Dogtooth



    Lanthimos Ranked
    2009 Ranked
    FTWs 2019

    Very Mild Spoilers ahead:

    A disturbingly hilarious look at parenthood/childhood created by the Greek master of weirdness, Yorgos Lanthimos. With seemingly monotonous but very interesting and strange dialogues and sudden as well as graphic outbursts of violence, Lanthimos shaped his signature style in his second solo-directed feature. There are so many strange sequences in this film: From crashing airplanes to awkward sex, testing new anaesthetics, a brilliant dance scene, a children devouring creature and…

  • A Coffee in Berlin

    A Coffee in Berlin


    2012 Ranked
    FTWs 2019

    Oh Boy, I just watched A Coffee in Berlin. In general, I'm not the biggest fan of altered film titles in another language (there are some atrocious examples in DisposableMiffy's great list featuring German film titles) but I have to admit that A Coffee in Berlin fits better to this film rather than Oh Boy.
    This film felt like a spiritual brother to Frances Ha, one of my favourite films, not only due to the fact…

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  • Videodrome



    FTWs 2019
    Cronenberg Ranked
    1983 Ranked
    Recommended by Daisoujou
    52 in 52 - Film #3
    15 from the 80s - Film #1

    A mind- and genre-bending film critiquing consumerism and impressively predicting mankind’s dependency on media/technology. This is my 8th Cronenberg feature and probably one of his best outings. The film perfectly captures a man’s downward spiral into delusions and hallucinations and I really liked the idea behind Videodrome and the effect it exerts on its viewer. Woods probably gives…

  • Roma



    Cuarón Ranked
    2018 Ranked
    FTWs 2018

    I’ve finally seen Alfonso Cuarón’s much acclaimed 2018 film Roma and what can I say, I am an emotional wreck right now. What an amazing film, it deserves every praise it gets. I’m not very prone to tears when I watch films but Roma wetted my eyes. This a very personal and intimate film to Cuarón and you can definitely tell by watching it. Every single camera shot/scene is crafted with such an emotional…