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  • A Bay of Blood

    A Bay of Blood


    The last 15 minutes (especially the last 2) definitely elevated A Bay of Blood. I had a hard time getting into the film, I wasn't very invested during the first half of the film (I was quite confused to be frank, but I guess the English dub didn't really help making anything clearer).
    The fun performances, mesmerizing make-up effects and a cool score surely made me like this film as a whole. If I ever decide to rewatch it I will watch it within one sitting (and not fall asleep on a 84 minute film every night three days in a row).

    Mario Bava Ranked

  • The Field Guide to Evil

    The Field Guide to Evil


    Puh, I'm glad it is over now. I watched this mainly for Strickland's and Franz/Fiala's entries and these shorts were the two that actually more or less delivered and didn't let my rating be even worse.

    Strickland creates a unique atmosphere by inhibiting an aesthetic which looks like an Eastern European fairy tale film from the 60's/70's and putting a darker spin on it. It was intentionally funny at times and was the outstanding short in this otherwise failed compilation…

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  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    This is one of the best films I’ve seen in my life. From the opening shot panning over the deserted Texan landscape accompanied by the guitar sounds from Ry Cooder’s ethereally beautiful soundtrack I knew this film would be something special. And it turned out I wouldn’t be wrong with my notion. This film is perfectly shot, perfectly paced, perfectly scored, perfectly written and the characters are perfectly portrayed by the cast. I regard Harry Dean Stanton as one of…

  • Uncle Yanco

    Uncle Yanco

    he is greek
    he is great