House ★★★★★

52 in 52 - Film #10
Recommended by Daisoujou, Kevin Almroth, Ala and Morgana
1977 Ranked
FTWs 2019

I actually don't know what to say about this. Ever since I saw The Happiness of the Katakuris I wanted to watch Hausu. I enjoyed this one so much, it's crazily inventive and creative, I love it. While the title and premise of this film might sound generic (I generally don't enjoy the haunted house subgenre that much myself) this film is everything but generic.
The special effects used in this were so crazy (especially considering it was made in '77) and the editing in this film must've been one of the wildest ones I've ever seen in a film. The acting was perfectly fitting for that film. The cat was great as well. Also, I loved the use of watermelons, bananas, pianos and mattresses (that sums it up quite nicely I guess).

This is a film for the ages and certainly one I will rewatch many, many times (if you're struggling to find this film, it is on the Internet Archive: ). Have fun with it, I certainly did.

Side note: 1977 is starting to become one of my favourite years regarding cinema (Eraserhead, House, Suspiria and Star Wars were all released during this year).

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