Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★

As you probably all know, I’m not a big superhero fan and purposely avoid all major releases by Disney/Marvel, Warner Brothers, Sony and co. So naturally, I was very hesitant to watch last year’s mega-favourite Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. Furthermore, besides not being very enthusiastic about masked men/women/aliens equipped with superpowers and fighting villains to save the earth/universe, Spider-Man has always been my least favourite superhero (without having ever seen a film/series or read a comic with him; his overall popularity just annoyed me during my upbringing). However, the very high rankings and overall praise this film has gotten as well as its premise let me reconsider my choice and I decided to rent and watch it. And I surely didn’t regret that decision.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is an animated feast for the eyes with beautiful and powerful messages and a protagonist every human being can at least in one way or another relate to. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of detail and effort put into every single scene of this film, you can see how much love and lifeblood went into it by everyone one of the animation and creative department (and everyone else involved). This style of comic book adaption is and probably the only one that works for me. The animation puts you right into the perfect mind-set for such a film and lets you read a comic book without actively reading it. I can’t really see the benefit of the live-action/CGI mashups produced by the aforementioned studios if something like Spider-Verse exists.

I’m really glad this film didn’t focus on Peter Parker whose story is retold/reinterpreted again and again over the years but rather on Miles Morales a teenager struggling with his new everyday life at an elitist school, first love and being bitten by a radioactive spider. Additionally, his world gets mixed up by a collider incident orchestrated by Kingpin which unleashes a whole bunch of new Spider-Creatures. These characters were probably my favourite part of the film (besides that ingenious end-credit scene and a heartfelt good-bye to Stan Lee) with a special shout-out to the Nicolas Cage voiced Spider-Man Noir.

I had a lot of fun and honestly, I didn’t expect to like Into The Spider-Verse as much as I eventually did. One of the best animation films ever created, that’s for sure. If I had seen any Spider-Man film before I probably could have appreciated it even more. But even after this wonderful film, I’m not very intrigued to see a live-action adaption of the Spider-Man character any time soon.

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