The Eyes of My Mother ★★★★½

2016 Ranked
FTWs 2018

One of the most lighthearted and heartwarming films I've seen all year.

Not quite, it's rather the opposite: Dark, haunting, disturbing and really sad throughout. I really appreciate this wave of arthouse horror of upcoming/new directors we've had in recent years. I think this one is probably even more extreme than The House That Jack Built. It is definitely not as graphic as the latter one but it is way more devastating on an emotional level (at least to me) since you only see the aftermath of certain things that happened. Since you get to see the backstory of our main character here, it is way easier to connect to her (even if you don't want to you do in some way). Very convincing acting in this one as well, especially by Kika Magalhaes (hope to see her in more stuff soon).
Very much looking forward to Pesce's new film Piercing now starring Mia Wasikowska and Laia Costa, sounds promising.

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