Bastille Day ★★★

THE TAKE (James Watkins, 2016)
Universal Studios Blu-Ray

Ace pickpocket Robb Stark snags the wrong pocketbook at a pre-Bastille Day celebration; thinking it's bereft of valuables, he tosses it away, only for the bag to detonate seconds later. Caught on security cam and labeled a terrorist, a citywide manhunt begins. Enter CIA operative Idris Elba, described by his superiors as, "reckless, insubordinate and irresponsible towards human assets." He's reluctantly tasked with locating the perp and turning him over to the French authorities, but the deeper he digs the more it seems there's something going on the local law doesn't want known.

Saddled with an ultra-generic script -- if you're surprised by anything here, you probably don't watch enough movies -- THE TAKE nevertheless emerges as fast-paced, harmless fun, immeasurably buoyed by Elba's lead turn. Finally given the chance to headline, his no-nonsense agent is a blast to watch pummel through most of the supporting cast, including the occasional gunfight and some Bourne-esque fisticuffs inside a moving van. He's certainly worthy of his own series; let's hope Elba's next star turn gives him a little more to chew on. "Release the final hashtag!" 6/10

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