Daughter of Darkness 2 ★★★

Widesight Entertainment DVD (HK)

"What a good news! Massacre!" Hoping to solve a big case and gain a promotion, Sergeant Yan has an extremely brutal triple homicide dropped in his lap. Surveying the crime scene, it's found the victims have been hacked, sliced, burned and impaled, and the only clues are a discarded ring and some residual semen. Also, up to this point, the movie's a comedy. Hilarious, no? With the investigation launched, the full story is slowly revealed, detailing a loving couple's search for a surrogate father and their eventual downfall through unrequited love, escalating blackmail, violent assault and paint-the-walls-red revenge.

Opening with sweet sax licks and ending with a suicidal cliff kiss, DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS II has such jarring tonal shifts, it should come with a warning. Aping the flashback structure of DR. LAMB (1992) and THE UNTOLD STORY (1993) -- probably the two best known entries in Hong Kong's untamed Category III movement -- the film careens wildly from goofy-faced slapstick to harrowing sadism, causing you to stare, wide-eyed in disbelief, wondering just what exactly you're watching and what planet it came from. Nipple-pinching, to determine time of death. Group meat beat, for investigative purposes. Windshield wiper boob attack. Spermy fruit, for comedy. Gynecologist visit, for comedy. Syphilis, sometimes for comedy, sometimes not. Erotic armpit shaving. Back-stabbing, figurative and literal. Coat-hanger abortion, definitely unlicensed. Death by bear trap. Bamboo shoot to the bean bag. Things don't go particularly well for anyone. Except the viewer. 6/10

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