Las Vegas Serial Killer ★★½

2017 Cult Movie Challenge
Week #8: Ray Dennis Steckler

THE LAS VEGAS SERIAL KILLER (Ray Dennis Steckler, 1987)
Guilty Pleasures / Media Blasters DVD

After six years incarceration for his famous strangling spree, Johnathon Klick is paroled on the technicality that most of the bodies couldn't be found. Hearing the release announcement on the radio, two sunglassed sleazeballs make their way to Vegas, apparently to rate women's legs and steal purses. Johnathon immediately resumes his old ways, choking a girl with her own bikini at a pool party, grabbing another outside a bar, interrupting a photo shoot for a mini model massacre, and he even gets hired as a delivery man for Pizza 'n' Pizza, driving exactly one pie to a topless girl in a Jacuzzi -- all whilst muttering, "Die, garbage!" Aimlessly wandering around the Glitter Gulch for most of the film's duration, the three criminals' paths continually cross, leading up to a shock ending and one of the greatest freeze-frames in the history of cinema.

A sort of sequel to Steckler's earlier THE HOLLYWOOD STRANGLER MEETS THE SKID ROW SLASHER (1979), this virtually plotless follow-up exists primarily as a travelogue of old Sin City. You'll practically be certified as a tour guide once it's all over -- endlessly padded with footage of the Strip, parades, rodeos, airfield museums, etc., THE LAS VEGAS SERIAL KILLER is a haphazard mess, made even more hilarious by its complete overdubbing from a voice cast that sounds dosed up on Quaaludes. News reports are repeated multiple times, minutes apart. Burlesque routines are showcased, but the audience obviously isn't in the same room. I'm pretty sure most of the the people in this movie don't realize they're in this movie. Two blonde women are shown from afar having lunch, but the ill-fitting soundtrack has them discussing getting shafted by their previous night's tricks. There's a Cash Flagg in-joke, and a Papa Smurf cameo. Impossible to recommend, but strangely charming. "Did you see that pizza they had?" "Oh, I had some. It was terrible." FIN??? 5/10

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