The Magnificent Seven ★★★

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (Antoine Fuqua, 2016)
Sony Pictures Blu-Ray

Living in fear of a quick-triggered land baron who's stripping their gold mines and filling any opposition full of lead, the residents of Rose Creek reach out in desperation to a traveling bounty hunter who may have his own personal reasons for helping. Assembling a multi-ethnic team of gunslingers, they hurriedly come up with a plan of resistance -- but can these seven men overcome the seemingly impossible odds they face? An unnecessary but inoffensive remake, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN presents a cast of likable actors doing exactly what you expect. The shootouts are slick, the action loud and fast, each character has their moment, and in two hours it's all over. It's your standard Hollywood popcorn flick -- entertaining enough while you're watching it, but don't expect any surprises. 6/10

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