Enola Holmes ★★½

"I'll pay you £5 to swap clothes with me!" is not something you think you'd hear in a Sherlock Holmes story. But then again this isn't any ordinary Sherlock Holmes story, it's Enola's.

In this whimsical YA action-mystery, Millie Bobby Brown excels as the effervescent Enola Holmes, a witty and confident young heroine sure to inspire future generations. Appealing to a young audience, most will be impressed by Enola's endearing spirit and her high-energy fight scenes, even while this fairly entertaining mystery loses focus more often than not.

And although this exuberant coming-of-age entry into the world of Sherlock Holmes will no doubt be a source of endless Netflix sequels, an enchanting lead and exceptionally charming supporting cast still can't make up for the meandering nature of two unsatisfying mystery narratives. Enola Holmes is an enjoyable, spirited adventure mainly due to the exemplary cast, but it's just a barely passable period mystery. Ultimately, a delightful Millie can only carry this film so far, and it's quite elementary that any further adventures would benefit from their narratives being much more succinct.

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