Kadaisi Vivasayi

Kadaisi Vivasayi ★★★★½

Kadaisi Vivasayi is a film with a whole heart, surfaced in the emotions, humor, energy and philosophy of life. The film doesn't picturise farming as profitability. It breaks the stereotypical tropes of the genre and portrays farming as a way of life. Along with the life of a farmer, his love for the world's essential job, the director Manikandan also weaves the simple and awesome lives of people and the benefits of a devoted heart. This film also will help our younger and youngest generations understand deeply where things come from and the value of simplicity. The film doesn't handle farming as difficult job but it shows sustained cultivation even of small scale makes us a farmer. The dose of realism imbued to the characters and the settings is what sets the stage for the message being delivered by the director. The film is a credible way of elaboration in realism. The people of village felt real because they are real. It doesn't have a familiar faces. They are life as it is. I came from these landscapes, as my hometown is near to filming location. Surrounded by hills of thorns, the soil here becomes barren without agriculture. People left agriculture and sell their lands, because it's unprofitable as a profession these days. But as a passion of life for agriculture, you can feel this close to heart.

Once, I heard talks of Rajinikanth doing as a lead for this film, but he rejected it. But what Rajinikanth can't do, was did brilliantly by Nallandi Thatha here. He's as simple, by his age, his way of life, as viewing a real person. The way he showcases himself, bringing humor out of age with his way of philosophy is just brilliant. His longing for agriculture and love for every life would make you ponder with morals of life. Viewing his crops as his children, is an ideal reality in the way of his life. Although a shorter role for promotions, Vijay Sethupathy was actually amazing. The life of recluse through spirituality and how he mends his broken heart through the same spiritual guidance, probably never seen him like this before. Yogi Babu had lesser but peculiar role , becomes an elephant mahout after abandoning agriculture. The score by infusing the soil of the land in his instruments, SaNa did quite a beautiful job. The cinematography was handled magnificent. Director Manikandan, is a gem of Tamil Cinema, a visionary who can only make these kind of films here. Kadaisi Vivasayi is an paen to simple life and self sufficiency.

R.I.P. Nallandi Thatha, you will be remembered forever.


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