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  • 1 - Nenokkadine

    1 - Nenokkadine


    Psychological stories are among my favorite forms of storytelling along with the Western genre, Samurai films, and martial art films. This is mostly contributed to personal preferences as these four type of films, if everything is done correctly, hit all my sweet spots of what I’m looking for in a film. Western films in particular I consider the genre to find the best examples of writing in films for in depth narrative, and character exploration while martial art films can…

  • The Admiral: Roaring Currents

    The Admiral: Roaring Currents


    The Admiral: Roaring Currents was a film that I never heard off, until I did research, and discovered it’s the highest grossing film in South Korea (as of now), and it the first South Korean film to make over 100 US million dollars internationally.

    Financially successful The Admiral: Roaring Currents is impressive on a business standpoint. From an artistic standpoint it also caught my attention. Since I live in the US, it’s weird learning that a country highest grossing…

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  • American History X

    American History X


    When films dare to tackle racism it can fall into a trap of just being offensive itself. How much racism and discrimination can one put into a movie before its message becomes lost? I can't be sure on that, but American History X finds a silver lining while flawed gets across its positive message.

    American History X is about a former neo-nazi skinhead trying to prevent his younger brother from going down the same wrong path that he did. The…

  • Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3


    Whether or not you agree with my views on the Iron Man series there is no denying Iron Man 3 is one of the most important films for Marvel studio. Not only does it have to serve as a sequel, but also a bridge for the preceding events of the pseudo-sequel The Avengers. Walking a thin line in balancing two different series both effecting the protagonist into one story is no easy task. For the better part Iron Man 3…