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  • Summer of 84

    Summer of 84


    From its plot of four suburban boys searching for a killer to its John Carpenter-esque score, this feels like it was green lit about 10 minutes after Stranger Things dropped. The plot is basically a darker version of The ‘Burbs mixed with Monster Squad, and mostly works, though it meanders a bit more than is healthy.

  • Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things

    Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things


    What a John Waters film would look like if John Waters wasn’t funny.

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  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    Fans of insanely brutal martial arts violence absolutely need to see this film, probably again and again. Easily the best action movie of this year. If you like hard-hitting action like The Raid films, The Villainess, or Ong Bak, I promise this will be your jam. I just wish I had seen it on the big screen.

    The story is a bit shapeless and repetitive, which keeps this out of the very top tier of action films, but the stuntwork…

  • Rampage



    Dumb as the proverbial box of rocks (and I don’t mean a box of The Rocks) and I probably would have been annoyed if I paid to see this in a theater and had to pay attention, but it was perfect for a Friday night HBO watch while goofing on it with my kids. It seemed like everyone was having fun, especially Malin Akerman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who chewed more scenery than the monsters. And the giant croc definitely appealed to my inner 10 year old.