Godzilla: King of the Monsters ★★★

Went to see this with my wife and son and we all had pretty much he same reaction. It was entertaining, by far the best of the three American Godzilla films, but still nowhere near as satisfying or fun as a good Japanese Godzilla film. Some stray (spoiler-free) observations below:

1. Rodan was the highlight for all of us. The film did a great job updating his look and made him really fun. It helped that the use of reds made his scenes really pop visually.

2. One major problem we all had with Godzilla was the face and head. He just doesn’t look like Godzilla - the face is too pug and boxy. And CGI just looks lame compared to a suit.

3. The human plot line was the weakest part, as with every Godzilla movie ever. Fundamentally did not give a damn about the family at the center.

4. I wish Ghidorah made his traditional noise. I wish we had some serious Anguilas action. But Ghidorah did look pretty epic.

5. I’m not typically one to complain about this kind of thing, but having Kyle Chandler angrily mansplaining about Godzilla to rooms full of competent women and POC was a terrible look in 2019. And no amount of lampshading could make Ken Watanabe’s character less of an embarrassment.

But nitpicking aside, we all generally had a good time. The people making this film clearly love Godzilla films and it showed.

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