The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★

Shocktober 2020

The first TCM is an absolute masterpiece of tone and atmosphere - a true original American classic. This ... is not. But it leans into the deeply black comedy of the original TCM’s finale in a way that is irresistibly fun and really hams it up.

Some additional thoughts:

• Before putting this on, I could have sworn I’d seen this before, but no, I definitely did not. Can't believe it's taken me so long.

• The opening scene with the two douchebags in the car being attacked by the Leatherface clan on a bridge is truly excellent – high point of the film.

• Caroline Williams is a blast as the resourceful heroine.

• I’m less sure whether I’m sold on Chop-Top. And Dennis Hopper’s character is such a colossal dick.

• Leatherface really massacred the hell out of some Welch’s Grape Soda. I love Welch’s Grape Soda.

• Oh, so THIS is where Rob Zombie borrowed his entire aesthetic. ‘Cause it’s certainly not the first movie. His films make so much more sense now.

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