Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★½

I'm glad I watched it again, the first time time I saw Endgame I was in a packed theatre with a really loud crowd and I'd been waiting a year for it to come out so I wasn't really watching the film as a 'critic', I'd been a fan of all the films for years so it was great watching them come together for the first time. The second time I watched it was at home, away from the experience and I gave it a 5/10, a lot of the problems I wasn't really paying attention to the first time like how it ran light on discussion about how the characters were feeling and how they've tried to come to terms with their losses really shone through. And I still noticed them this time around but I gotta say most of that didn't take away from the film that much. Endgame isn't a film so to speak, it's 3 hours of the Russo's and Feige trying to thank everyone who's stuck by them for all these years in the end to it all that's made for them. It's not for people who've just dipped in and out of the films, it's fan service. And that's fine, I don't see why people get so mad over that when it was pretty obvious from the start that's all the film would be. It's a finale to a saga that's been built, teased and looked up to for 10 years, why wouldn't they want to give back to the fans who've made the studio so successful? That's all it is, the flaws are still there but in a film like this, that's never come around before it's fine. To make a film of this scale, with everything it's responsible for and did right is a pretty incredible feat of cinema. I'd have liked the film to go into how they felt after Infinity War a bit more on top of just the 20 minutes but the characters felt the most human they ever have and gave proper goodbyes to the people who've been with us for so long. The film sort of switched Infinity War around, Thanos took the backseat and Tony and Steve and the other Avengers are the front burner again. It's not a great film, there are a lot of things about the characters I didn't like that I won't bother to get into because I already have, so many times before, and sometimes the fan service suffocates the plot and everything going on with the characters, the 3rd act is quite a mess and I just wasn't a fan of the long fight at the end with the shitty backdrop and the endleessss fighting and everyone doing the same thing I've seen before, at least Infinity War had like, 3 things going on. But it's a good movie overall, it felt really well payed off and I had a better time than I thought I would. But fuck me I'm never watching it again, until they bring Galactus to the MCU then they'll have my full attention again:)

Also Endgame Vormir scene = best comic book film scene

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