Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★½

FINALLY Your Name. has a wider theatrical release in the US. I honestly wasn't expecting to be blown away by this movie, but I ended up leaving theater really impressed with everything it had to offer.

First off, the animation is smooth like butter. I honestly can watch this animation on mute and just admire each hand-drawn frame come to life in front of my eyes. Another aspect that enjoyed is the non-linear storytelling. The non-linear structure made the story very engaging with the mystery it holds between the two main characters' body switching situation. Also, the theme of time is introduced later on in the movie and it is what helps string the non-linear structure into a story that feels more clear as the movie progresses. Overall, Your Name. is a beautifully animated movie that connects all of its themes into a coherent, but at times, frustrating (in a good way) love story about body switching and the distant relationship through time.

Also, anime food is the best looking food. MMMMMMMM...

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